Working with the professional and experienced property management team at Bella Asset Management gives you peace of mind that your property is in capable hands. We have significant experience in the DFW rental market and price your property appropriately to bring in qualified, reliable renters.

We provide a turnkey solution for working with your renters, beginning with scheduling and conducting tours of your property. Once renters move in, we provide all needed services, including payments and collections, maintenance and handling any concerns that may arise. We always keep you apprised of the status of your property with regular reports.

You’ve made a good investment by purchasing property. Working with Bella Asset Management for comprehensive management services turns that good investment into a great one. To learn more about our services for property owners, please contact us. We look forward to learning more about your needs and how we can serve you.


The key to success often lies in diligent background work completed before closing. Bella Asset Management provides thorough analysis of all aspects of the property’s current performance: financial reports, lease file audit, personnel, and the physical condition of the asset itself.


Bella’s Asset Management teams perform at the highest levels of execution and asset management to ensure owners’ goals are exceeded as quickly as possible. The BELLA team will successfully execute the goal – from upgrading the resident profile, to full turn-around, or maintaining successful momentum.


Maintenance and construction can easily be the Achilles heel to any project. Bella’s Asset Management construction, project, and maintenance team is well versed and well qualified to handle oversight of maintenance personnel, bidding out capex, or even full renovation


Bella Asset management performs exhaustive due diligence to ensure the owner’s acquisition is in line with expectations. Although each deal is different and unique, the mission-critical need to follow a thorough checklist is the same. Bella’s Asset management due diligence services include:

  • Budget

    Establish capital budget and operating proforma budget for the first operating year and beyond.

  • Risk Review

    Insurance and risk review assessments are conducted, reviewed, and shared with advisers of owners choosing.

  • Real State Taxes

    Real state taxes and assessment analysis

  • Property Needs

    Bella Asset Management identifies immediate needs of the property and establishes a completion time line.

  • Utilities

    All meters and utilities are evaluated

  • Competition

    Market survey, competition shopping, and use of the top tier industry databases combine for clear market insight.

  • Demographics

    Analysis of demographic and employment trends. Trade area performance.

  • Personnel

    Evaluation of all site personnel and resources.

  • Vendor Contracts

    All vendors contracts are reviewed.

  • Fee Analysis

    All fees and sources of income are analyzed.

  • Rent Roll Analysis

    Occupancy, lease expiration exposure, trend, etc are all assessed.

  • Physical Inspection

    An exterior physical inspection and a assessment of mechanical systems are conducted.

  • Lease Audit

    Lease files and resident documents are tested for competition and accurancy.

  • Financial Review 

    All current and historical statements are reviewed and evaluated.

  • Unit Walk

    Every unit is inspected thoroughly to ensure all improvements are documented.


  • Marketing Strategy

    Maintaining property specific marketing strategies including rental rates and advertising allocation.

  • Transition Set Up

    Migration of resident and lease information, vendor contracts, banking and more.

  • Maintenance Program

    Building, grounds, equipment, and preventive maintenance program are established and implemented.

  • Resident Selection

    Criteria are developed in compliance within federal guidelines and specific market parameters.

  • Rent Collection

    Rent collection and bad debt management.

  • Staff Management

    Staff members are traind, empowered, and give the tools and resources needed to succeed.

  • Vendor Management

    Negotiating contracts for services and supplies at the best value.

  • Payables

    Careful monitoring of payables and cash-flow management.

  • Brand Management

    Maintaining excellent owner and resident relations.

  • Financial Reporting

    All aspect of financial reporting, bank reconciliations, tax & insurance payments, and loan management can be performed in-house.



Bella Asset Management performs exhaustive due diligence to ensure the owner’s acquisition is in line with expectations. Although each deal is different and unique, the mission-critical need to follow a thorough checklist is the same. Bella’s Asset Management due diligence services include:

  • Construction Management

  • Capex Project

  • Renovation Planning and Execution

  • Vendor and Sub-Contrator Selection and Oversight

  • Project Budget Preparation

  • Competition and Trend Analysis