Bella’s Asset Management investment strategy focuses on acquiring overlooked and undervalued multi-family assets, with the potential to add value via a repositioning of the property, including operationally, structurally or financially. Bella Asset Management seeks neglected assets that combine a strategic location and low cost basis. Once we acquire a property, we manage the property “in house”, which results in a clear alignment of interest between ourselves, our investors and our residents.

We seek assets that could benefit from our operational excellence and “hands-on” management expertise using some of the following criteria:

Markets: We will look at properties all over the country but we focus primarily on properties in the greater Midwest.

Area Types: We prefer properties located in B or C areas, in which the area economy is expected to grow and there is not an excessive crime.

Property Types: We look to acquire portfolios of single-family homes, residential multi-family buildings, and commercial apartment complexes. We prefer apartment complexes with 50+ units.

Structure: We are very flexible and nimble. We can close a deal in 30 days or less and can invest in any part of the capital stack.

Deal Size: $500,000 to $20 million.